Sponsor: Daylite – Announcing Team View for Mac

This week MacSparky is sponsored by Daylite, the CRM & Project Management app for teams on Mac, iPhone & iPad. New in Daylite is Team View for Mac. 

Team View gives business owners and managers a quick overview of their team’s workload. You can see everyone’s tasks and appointments for today, total duration of appointments, as well as what’s on their Worklist–separated by each team member. This new feature allows you to manage the workload of your team making sure everyone is busy but not too busy.

“This new feature is an easy way to get a big picture view of how my teams are doing. It makes it easy for me to delegate tasks, check on task status, compare work loads for individuals/teams, and creates a continuity for me between individuals and teams.”

– Libby Flores, COO of E.L. Achieve

Libby and her team have been using Daylite for years to manage their projects and clients. Together they manage between 120-160 projects at a time and rely on Daylite to share and keep track of everyone’s tasks and project info. 

If you are managing a small to medium sized business, you can’t go wrong with Daylite. It works on Mac, iPad, and iPhone and gives you and your team one place to manage tasks, contacts, calendars, email, and all those other bits you need to make your business successful. Head over to Daylite today and learn more.