Sponsor: Daylite CRM for Mac

This week MacSparky is sponsored by Daylite, the CRM & Project Management app for teams on Mac, iPhone & iPad.

Daylite helps companies manage more leads and projects by organizing all your data so you can work more efficiently and gain valuable insights into your business. 

Recently a law firm in Georgia shared that Daylite has helped them grow from a team of 2 to 13 in just two years. By using Keywords in Daylite to tag how new lead and client heard about them, the firm was able to filter and uncover which methods worked best for attracting new clients. 

They also use Daylite to filter and identify which clients were referring them the wrong type of leads. By educating their referring clients about their services, they saw a big improvement in the type of leads they were getting, which led to more clients.

By using Daylite to capture important information, this firm was able to leverage that data and grow their business.

If you are managing a small to medium sized business, you can’t go wrong with Daylite. It works on Mac, iPad, and iPhone and gives you and your team one place to manage tasks, contacts, calendars, email, and all those other bits you need to make your business successful. Head over to Daylite today and learn more.