Star Wars Episode VIII – The Trailer, The Poster, and the Show Floor

Today was the Episode VIII panel at Star Wars Celebration and it was pretty great. The corker was a 2 minute teaser that LucasFilm is calling a “trailer”. I don’t see how you can call this a trailer though. It’s just the barest of sketches about what’s going on with our heroes and villains in the middle act of the trilogy. It’s very well done and I like the fact that it conveys very little information about what to expect. The movie is still eight months away. Keep us in suspense a bit longer please.

About that Poster

I really like the new poster. Seeing old Luke so prominantly is awesome considering he had such a small role in The Force Awakens.



I also like the way Rey at the bottom harkens back to Luke in the original Star Wars poster from 1977. (I remember seeing that poster as a kid and not sure what to make of it. The guy holding the light saber looked more like someone out of a Spartacus movie than Mark Hamil.)

Also, did you notice how Rey’s saber transitions from blue to red? The point of the middle episode is to leave us feeling our heroes are completely screwed. Between the trailer and this poster, I expect they’ll deliver on that promise.

MacSparky’s Celebration Multi-Media Extravaganza

So far at Celebration I’ve been watching panels and meeting up with friends. Today I plan to spend a lot of time on the show floor taking pictures of both the awesome and the bazaar. It’s all here gang. Follow me today on Twitter, Instagram, and/or SnapChat for plenty of Star Wars content. I’ll even be posting video with my SnapChat Glasses. Such a nerd.