Sponsor: Avoid Email Mistakes with MailButler

This week MacSparky is sponsored by MailButler, your personal assistant for Apple Mail. One of the best features of Apple Mail is the plugin architecture, letting you customize the application to suit your needs and the grand-daddy of Apple Mail plugins is this week’s sponsor, MailButler.

With MailButler at your back, you’ll make fewer common email mistakes. Do you ever forget to respond or act upon an email? MailButler lets you create to-do items right from the email message to avoid that.

Do you ever set an email aside and then later forget to get back to it? MailButler has a Snooze feature that puts deferred email right back in your inbox.

Have you ever written an email with the intention of sending it later? MailButler has a scheduling tool that can send that email later for you automatically.

There are so many more ways MailButler helps you avoid mistakes with the “Undo Send” button, attachment reminders, and more.

See how powerful you can make Apple Mail today with MailButler.