Sponsor: MailButler

This week MacSparky is sponsored by MailButler. MailButler is a collection of powerful add-ons that make Apple Mail exponentially better. One such feature is email signatures. Email signatures are important. If your email signature tool is tacky, it makes you look bad. If your email signature is too sparse, people think you don’t care. 

MailButler can help you out with that. With MailButler, you can create your email signature from MailButler’s built-in templates. You can also configure photo images, text, and colors to make your own special email signature. Your personal and unique email signatures created with MailButler are responsive to the screen sizes they appear on and look great on mobile devices.

With MailButler, you get a lot more than just better email signatures. Other ways MailButler improves Apple Mail include scheduling, tracking, snoozing email, task tools, inbox pausing and more. If you use Apple Mail, you owe it to yourself to give MailButler a try.