Too much going on? Email reminders by MailButler are there to help you. (Sponsor)

This week MacSparky is sponsored by MailButler. Multitasking is bad. Nonetheless, in today’s world we’re forced to to juggle business meetings, calls and emails, deadlines, and family birthdays and more. It’s easy to drop the ball. 

That’s one of the reasons I write here at MacSparky. Technology can help. If you feel overwhelmed with constant multitasking, it’s time for you to check out MailButler. It’s a multifunctional email extension, time-saver, and productivity game changer. 

With MailButler you can compose emails beforehand and schedule them to be sent on a certain day in the future. It’s a good solution for planning birthday greetings for the entire year in advance and getting them off your mind. Also, you might want to reduce the risks of forgetting about some of the open conversations you need to follow up on in case you don’t get any response. Once you’ve written your email, just tell MailButler when you want to be reminded to follow up, and the notification will appear at your preferred date and time. With MailButler you can schedule a reminder about any kind of task for each of your emails – just attach a short note to it and turn on the notification.

MailButler doesn’t stop there. It also helps you with attachments. With the “Attachment Reminder”, you will get reminders about possibly omitted email attachments. MailButler super-charges Apple Mail and helps you process your emails faster and more effectively, saving hours a day to complete other tasks. Check it out today.