Get Your Thoughts Organized with OmniOutliner (Sponsor)

This week MacSparky is sponsored by OmniOutliner. OmniOutliner is the best outlining application for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone and it just keeps getting better. One of the things I love about purchasing software from the Omni Group is that they continue to make their various productivity applications work better together. Most recently we saw this in the additional features allowing you to import OmniOutliner outlines into OmniGraffle. You already look pretty great, but when you import them to OmniGraffle, they can look amazing. Once your outline is in OmniGraffle, you can even add to or reorganize your outline using OmniGraffle’s outline editor. You can learn more about combining your OmniOutliner outline with OmniGraffle at the excellent Omni Group Blog.

The ability to move your outline to a different app is just one of the many features you’ll find in OmniOutliner. OmniOutliner makes it easy to create complex and beautiful outlines on your Mac, iPad, and iPhone. They’ve got new business model for OmniOutliner that lets you get in with OmniOutliner essentials for the basics or the Pro version if you’re looking for the real power tools. Head over to the Omni Group today and check it out.