Manage Email Attachments with SaneBox (Sponsor)

This week MacSparky is sponsored by SaneBox, the powerful email tool that can help you conquer your inbox. I’ve written before about SaneBox filtering, which is awesome. However, SaneBox smart filtering is just the beginning. SaneBox can also sort your inbox, keep track of reminders and snoozed emails, rescue email from your spam folder, upload attachments your cloud, and more.

It’s that attachment part that I’d like to focus on today. SaneAttachments allow you to say goodbye to bulky attachments and hello to automatic uploads to the cloud. With SaneAttachments enabled, SaneBox will monitor your inbox. When someone sends you a large attachment, SaneBox will save it automatically to your destination of choice. (I use Dropbox.) This allows you to keep the size of your email database down and gives you a reliable place to go find large attachment. If you like to automate, this gives you another avenue into Hazel. For instance, I have Hazel monitor the Dropbox folder where SaneBox puts attachments. If it sees something land there that matches a Hazel rule, Hazel will automatically rename and file it. This is all very powerful and just one more feature you get with the SaneBox account.

SaneBox is a great service that I use every day to manage my email. You should too. To learn more and over to and check it out. MacSparky readers even get a discount.