Project Management with (Sponsor)

I’m happy to welcome a new sponsor this week with Created by the same developer as inShort, is a project management web service. With, you can keep an eye on your big projects from the 20,000-foot view while still having the ability to drill down into the details. 

This ability to combine the micro and the macro has always been one of inShort’s best features and it comes over to nicely. As your diagram grows bigger, it can be split up, creating new diagrams until all the steps to achieve the goal are clear and feasible. 

From the resulting map of tasks, you can compose a detailed plan and start cranking widgets, marking the progress in the service. For convenient control of plans, tasks can also be displayed as ordinary Gantt charts. 

Like inShort,’s design embraces the Theory of Constraints to automatically determines the critical path, configures time buffers and sets late starts. If you’ve used inShort in the past, you’ll get it immediately. You can even upload inShort diagrams to or the reverse when moving from web service to app.

If you’re curious, give a try. You can register for a free 30 day trial and really kick the tires starting today.