60 Mac Tips, Volume 2

Today marks the release of the latest MacSparky Field Guide, 60 Mac Tips, Volume 2.

60 Mac Tips, Volume 2, is a collection of tricks and tips to make you more efficient on your Mac. There are 60 screencasts and two hours of video that explains why each tip or trick is special and how to use it on your Mac. Learn these tips and turn yourself into a Mac power user.

Among these 60 screencasts are tips on macOS, Siri for the Mac, using the keyboard, Spotlight, Automator, Safari, Mail, Apple Notes, Apple Photos, Terminal Tips, and third-party apps. After reading and watching these tips and tricks, you’ll be more efficient on your Mac than ever. 

This book is part of the MacSparky Field Guide series, designed to empower Mac users with great information delivered with fun and panache. It was a lot of fun creating this book. I’m quite proud of it and I hope you dig it.

You can get this new book in the iBooks Store for a self-contained, downloadable book including all of the videos embedded for your Mac, iPad or iPhone. The iBooks Store version was created in iBooks Author and includes all of the whiz-bang interactivity that comes with it.

Alternatively, we also offer this book as a streaming/downloadable product from Vimeo. The Vimeo version also includes closed-captioning and higher fidelity video (1080 vs. 720 in the iBook).

It feels really good to release another FIeld Guide. Thank you all for the support. If you’d like to learn more about how we went about making this book, listen to this week’s Mac Power Users episode.

We’ve Also Updated 60 Mac Tips Volume 1

60 Mac Tips V1 cover.png

Brett and I have also updated Volume 1 of our 60 Mac Tips book to version 1.2. We’ve gone through and updated and replaced several of the tips in version 1. The update is free if you purchased the first version. Otherwise, you can get it on the iBooks Store or Vimeo Streaming/Download.