Getting Your Act Together with OmniFocus – Sponsor


This week MacSparky is sponsored by OmniFocus. A lot of people, myself included, use the new year to rethink what worked in the past year and where we could improve in the future. If you are feeling a little out of control, one of the best things you could do is use some powerful software to help you take control of your tasks.

In my mind, there is nothing better for this than OmniFocus for the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. I’ve been using OmniFocus for years, and it is my not-so-secret weapon for holding my life together. OmniFocus is so much more than your typical task management application. It’s powerful but at the same time can be simple. It includes features for things like the routinized review of pending projects and all of the iOS 11 drag-and-drop goodness. 

Perhaps best of all, OmniFocus is designed by the wizards at the Omni Group, and they sweat every detail. Even the little circle that you check off as you finish tasks is designed in a way to be attractive and, at the same time, convey information to the user.

I love this app, and I expect if you need help with your tasks, you could love it too. So head over to the OmniFocus website and download the trial and start out the new year on the right foot.