Manage Time Zones with World Clock Pro – Sponsor


There are a lot of time zone apps out there but there are very few that go beyond the basics. What if I want to know a time difference for some time other than now? What if my friend doesn’t live in a major city so the app can’t figure out their time zone? I’ve always wondered what it would be like if someone really sunk their teeth into making a time zone application. I got my answer with this week’s sponsor, World Clock Pro (website)(Mac App Store) (iOS App Store). World Clock Pro converts times throughout the world within seconds. It doesn’t just show you time conversion. It also helps you plan meetings, travel, and coordinate with other people. One of the things I like is the ability to drag an indicator inside the application to change the start time for your time zone calculation. If I’m trying to set a conference call with someone in Manila or Luxembourg Tuesday afternoon, World Clock Pro makes the task trivial. You can even add events to your calendar directly from the application. World Clock Pro supports 142,000+ locations. 

World Clock Pro is not for everyone. It’s sold on a subscription model but for professionals, who deal with time differences on a regular basis, there is no better tool. There are versions for both iOS and Mac. The application even gives you the weather for every time zone you’re looking at.

Also, World Clock Pro’s developer was kind enough to give me a few promotional codes for the application. If you’d like to enter the contest, send me an email with the subject “World Clock Pro Contest”, and you’ll be entered in the random drawing. Please note the winners will be awarded by February 9.