Tinderbox – Get a Discount on the Tool for Notes (Sponsor)

This week MacSparky is sponsored by Tinderbox, the tool for notes. Tinderbox is a Mac App that lets you collect your thoughts and slice and dice them any way your brain prefers. The application does a great job of adjusting to the way you think. With Tinderbox, you can make a mind map, a check list, timelines, charts, outlines, and more. My favorite feature is that you are not tied to any paradigm with this app. Put your data in and start moving it around to help you make connections that weren’t there before.

People are using Tinderbox in all sorts of ways from writing novels to planning a computer network to organizing a complicated corporate merger.

Tinderbox recently released version 7.3 with more than six dozen visible improvements and a bunch of new technologies. The app continues to improve. Tinderbox can now look at your ideas from Notes, Evernote, Dropbox and more on iPhone and iPad. The new version also has quick links to connect notes instantly and composites to build big ideas from small notes. The new fonts also look fantastic on your Mac.

Perhaps best of all, the Tinderbox developer has agreed to give MacSparky readers a limited time $50 discount. That’s a great deal so if you’ve been wanting to try Tinderbox, this is the time. Go check out Tinderbox today.