PDFpen for Mac – The Ultimate Tool for Editing PDFs – Sponsor

This week, MacSparky is sponsored by PDFpen 10 for Mac. Smile has released the most recent version of PDFpen, and it includes several new impressive features.

My favorite new feature is batch support for optical character support. Often I’m given piles of PDF documents with no OCR. The trouble is that I need OCR in my day job and rely on it in my digital documents. Before I had a cobbled together AppleScript that didn’t always work. Now I just open PDFpen 10, press the Batch OCR button, select my files and let the app do the rest. When it’s done, I’ve got a whole folder full of scanned and searchable PDFs. It’s golden.

The PDFpen 10 batch OCR dialog box.

The PDFpen 10 batch OCR dialog box.

PDFpen 10 also now adds watermarks, custom headers, custom footers, and a new precision edit tool. Moreover, with PDFpen 10, you can move images around without increasing the size of your document, you can magnify library items, and you can use an improved color palette.

Smile also offers PDFpen for iPad & iPhone for editing PDFs when you’re on the go.
To learn more, head over to the PDFpen website and use this link. Also, make sure to let them know you heard about it here.