Get Your Act Together with Timing – Sponsor


One of the key first steps to figuring out how to be more efficient is to first figure out where you’re spending your time now. You may think you know, but you probably don’t actually know. I frequently track my time to get an idea where I’m doing good with my time (and where I’m not.) 

This week’s sponsor, Timing, is a tool to help you get rolling. Timing automates time tracking so you don’t have to go manually throw a lever every time you change gears. This both makes time tracking easier and gives you more confidence in the accuracy of your data. The app pays super-close attention to everything you do on your Mac and then reports back to you. Timing’s beautiful (and customizable) reports show me exactly where I spend my time on my Mac.

Timing has a new feature they are about to release that lets you sync and view your data across all your Macs so now you’ve got excellent data across your iMac and your laptop. With a little pleading on my behalf, they’ve even agreed to give MacSparky readers early access to this new feature. To do so, sign up here.

Timing has been crucial for me, and I expect it can help you too. Don’t believe me? Download their free trial software and see for yourself. For a limited time, you can get 10% off.