Tame Your iPhone Photo Library with Gemini Photos – Sponsor

This week’s MacSparky sponsor is Gemini Photos, the new iPhone app that helps you tame your photos library. It’s easy, and smart to take extra pictures. You never know when that first one comes out of focus or your nephew will finally decide to look at the camera and smile. The trouble is, you always come home with a lot more pictures than you need. 

On a recent trip to Disneyland, where I took a bunch of random pictures and then shot the new parade, I came back with some 400 pictures. There was no way I wanted to keep them all but I also didn’t want to manually sort through them all.

Instead, I just ran Gemini Photos on my iPhone. Gemini looks at the photos for you and pulls out the best. In doing so it looks for the photos with the best focus, people with their eyes open and smiling, and even those that you’ve already edited and favorited. Gemini Photos then marks the remaining photos for deletion. You can scroll through and easily confirm or change the selection and then, with one tap, delete the extras. 

Gemini Photos can also unclutter your photos library with shots it thinks you don’t want to keep long-term, like screenshots. Again, everything is easy and you have the final say.

Gemini Photos is a brand new app and available now. Check it out.