Get Beautiful and Powerful Outlines with OmniOutliner (Sponsor)

This week MacSparky is sponsored by OmniOutliner. This app is so much more than a just a beautiful outliner. It’s got automation, distraction-free mode, filters, slide-in sidebars, gorgeous styles, and more. Whenever I have a big client project in the law practice, I outline it in Omni-Outliner. I often share these outlines with clients so we can collaborate on getting things right.

Recently I did this for a legal client on a complex transaction. Later, when I went to visit the client at her office, I found she had a blown up copy of my OmniOutline hanging on her wall that she was using a reference. I love that. To an extent, I view OmniOutliner’s gorgeous looking outlines as just one more thing that distinguishes me from others in my field.

OmniOutliner is both pretty and powerful. Best of all, with their new Pro and Essentials versions it is priced so anyone can have the best outliner available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Head over to the Omni Group today and try it for yourself.