Siri Shortcuts Field Guide, Version 1.1 (And Discount Code)

I’ve been thrilled with all the nice tweets, emails, and messages and the generally warm reception for the Siri Shortcuts Field Guide. I love seeing tweets and emails from customers that are now automating their iPhones and iPads. Siri Shortcuts turns out to be one of those rare Apple products that gets frequent updates. Since I first launched the Siri Shortcuts Field Guide, Apple has added several new features.

So I’ve been hard at work in the Screencasting cave adding new content. With this post, I’m pleased to announce the release of the Siri Shortcuts Field Guide, version 1.1.

  • The new version adds 17 new videos and 50 minutes of content bringing the course size to over 4 hours.

  • New content includes additional features (like weather and conversions) and also goes deeper on both beginner and advanced topics.

  • The new version also features combined downloads so if you want to download everything, it’s ten big video files instead of 57 little ones. 

If You Enrolled in the Siri Shortcuts Field Guide …

There is nothing for you to do but log in and check out the new content. It’s a free update.

If you haven’t signed up for the Siri Shortcuts Field Guide Yet …

Now’s the time. Go to this link and use the promotion code “SIRIBLOG”.That gets you $10 off, but it is only good for a week.