Ulysses, My Place For Words (Sponsor)


This week MacSparky is sponsored by Ulysses, that powerful writing tool that works on Mac, iPad, and iPhone and I use every day. In the last year, my usage of Ulysses has only increased more. It has become for me, “the place for words”. Not only do I keep a repository of text, I call it the “text bank” that I use in my law practice in Ulysses, it has also become the place I keep notes, work on drafts, outline screencasts, plan podcasts, and write just about all the other words I make in one context or another. I love the clean design and the way it syncs everything everywhere. The image to the right is my Ulysses sidebar. There is so much contained in these categories.

The Ulysses team has been busy. Recent additions include new styles and themes and the new ability to split the view, showing you two different Ulysses notes at the same time. I’ve only been using split view a short time but already couldn’t imagine Ulysses without it. Best of all, if you sign up with the links in this blog post, you’ll get three months of Ulysses for free.