Manage PDFs with PDFpen (Sponsor)

This week, MacSparky is sponsored by PDFpen for Mac. Preview does a good job at very basic PDF edits but if you need more powerful tools for PDFs, look no further than PDFpen and PDFpen Pro. I use PDFpen Pro nearly daily to manage and create digital documents for my day job. I like PDFpen because it brings so much to the table. PDFpen version 11 released last month with a lot of new features:

  • Split-view mode for editing

  • New Font Bar for expressive font control

  • Import scans from Continuity Camera

  • Customize page-number locations

  • Add multiple items to the Library at once

  • Option to turn off guides

  • Medical/Legal dictionaries for OCR (English language)

  • Automatic deskew independent of OCR

  • Option to specify default zoom

  • Specify Facing Pages settings for individual documents

  • Improved Sidebar

  • Edit Form Elements Properties for multiple form fields simultaneously (PDFpenPro)

PDFpen can even take a PDF document and turn it into a workable Microsoft Word file. In that sense it is also a PDF deconstruction tool and so very handy. PDFpen does all of this, and so much more. Smile also offers PDFpen for iPad and iPhone for editing PDFs for when you are on the go.

Head over to the PDFpen website for a full list of features. Also, make sure to let them know you heard about it here at MacSparky.