Get Serious Work Done with NotePlan (Sponsor)

This week, is sponsored by NotePlan. With NotePlan, you get serious work done. It helps you spend less time planning and more time doing. It lets you track your work and get things quickly out of your head, so you have the headspace to be creative—that’s what brains are made for. Find out how!

NotePlan is a daily planning tool in bullet-journal style for pros, combining a calendar with plain-text markdown notes and embedded to-dos, all in one place.

Your notes are saved in simple human readable text files, so the data is always safe and accessible in your iCloud Drive—not hidden away in some online database.

With NotePlan, you can:

  • Write markdown to-dos embedded into your daily notes and organize them using simple formatting like headings, bold, italic, links, etc.

  • Capture important things in projects notes, which are not attached to a date, and schedule them from there into your calendar.

  • Integrate with iCloud calendars and reminders.

  • Focus on your tasks thanks to a distraction-free, minimal design.

  • Customize NotePlan by choosing from a set of light and dark themes.

If you have a turbulent schedule and tons of things to keep track of but never enough time, NotePlan is perfect for you. Save time planning and never let anything fall through the cracks:

  • Write meeting notes on a given day without worrying about where to save it or how to structure and format it.

  • Use NotePlan anywhere offline, like an airplane, and let iCloud Drive sync your data once online again.

  • Plan out your work for the upcoming days, and during the day, add to today’s note to extend your short-term memory and micro-manage yourself.

  • See events and reminders from your calendar along with your to-dos and notes on one page, so you have the whole context.

  • Keep track of things by adding quick notes to your to-dos and tagging the results so you can find them easily.

Good news! NotePlan 2 on Mac OS recently launched. Check it out.