Unlock Your Productivity With TextExpander

This week MacSparky is sponsored by TextExpander, the application that saves me time every day. TextExpander works everywhere you type, improving your productivity and accuracy no matter what apps you use.

You may think of TextExpander as a way to quickly type your address or phone number but it is so much more. I use it to run AppleScripts, draft legal contracts, and everything in between. With TextExpander, you can easily insert text snippets in any application from a library of content created by you and your team.

I’ve talked on my podcasts about my Date and Time stamp TextExpander snippet I use all the time to date/time stamp notes on my Mac. Here it is if you’d like to create it in your copy of TextExpander. I use the the snippet “xdts” to trigger it.

TextExpander DTS Snippet.png

Whether you use it on your own or with your team, TextExpander makes you more productive. TextExpander is available for macOS, Windows, iPhone and iPad, and Chrome. Head to this link to get 20% off your first year.