Use OmniFocus on the Web (Sponsor)

This week, MacSparky is sponsored by OmniFocus, one of my favorite applications. Professional task management is the key to staying on top of your projects. These days, we have more commitments than ever. If we don’t have powerful tools to manage those projects, things are going to break. That is why I use OmniFocus. More than just a task manager with built-in tools to manage project review and tags, it gives you so many ways to capture and manage your tasks.

The Omni Group now has a web-based version that lets you access and modify your data from any computer with a web browser. If you work in an office that doesn’t support your Mac or iPad, OmniFocus for the Web solves your problem. You really need to check this out if you are down with web apps. The Omni Group did it right.

I use OmniFocus every day. It is how I’m able to keep my act together. Do you need a little help? Try OmniFocus. I don’t know how I’d get by without it.