Keep Your Mac Apps Current with MacUpdater (Sponsor)


What if all of your Mac apps were as easy to update as those on the App Store? Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. Instead, you only see most Mac application updates when you want to launch (and work in) the app, which is precisely the worst time to be updating apps.

MacUpdater solves that problem for you. Launch MacUpdater, and get a list of all the apps that need to update on your Mac. MacUpdater even walks you through the process. Most apps are a one-click update. MacUpdater can also notify you when your indexed apps get updates so you can get those updates installed on day one. Also, do you have any of those apps that don’t have their own self updater? MacUpdater will track those and let you know about updates fro them too.

MacUpdater solves the Mac software updating problem. There is a free trial, and if you like the app, you can use the offer code MACSPARKY to get a 10% just for MacSparky readers.

Download the free trial and get all of your Mac apps up to date with MacUpdater.

My thanks to MacUpdater for sponsoring MacSparky this week.