The Updated MacBook Air

The New MacBooks.png

In addition to new iPads, yesterday Apple released an update to the MacBook Air. A few thoughts:

  • SCISSOR SWITCH KEYBOARD! I’m so pleased the butterfly keyboard is now down to just the small MacBook Pro. Hopefully, we get that one updated real soon.

  • 256 GB Minimum Storage. This solves another pain point with the previous iteration. 128GB was ridiculous.

  • $999 for a respectable base model. This same spec a few days ago (with a slower processor and far inferior keyboard) was $300 more.

The MacBook Air is once again a computer we can recommend to our friends and family without reservation. I can’t help but reflect on how the second iteration of the original MacBook Air was the one that got nearly everything right. With the Retina MacBook Air, again we are getting something much better with the second time again.