A Few Thoughts on the New iPad Pro

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 9.42.20 AM.png

It’s been rumored for months, and now it’s here. I’ve got a few thoughts:

  • The new iPad Pro has the same design as the previous iteration. Amen. I really like this design, and I hope it finds its way to the iPhone at some point.

  • The new processor “outpaces most PC laptops available today”. The Apple silicon and hardware team continue to crush it on the iPad. Indeed, they do such a good job that the iPadOS team seems to struggle to keep up.

  • The new Magic Keyboard reminds me of the second-generation Apple Pencil in that it solves so many of the obvious problems with the first generation: Low profile? Check. Adjustable angle? Check. Backlit keys? Check. Scissor switches? Check. Extra USB-C port? Check. Backward compatibility with prior iPad Pro? Check. Floating height!? Check. Also, it adds a trackpad.

  • Speaking of that trackpad, there is a promised iOS update that is going to make trackpad support much better than the current mouse support. With iOS 13, we got support through accessibility. With this new iteration, it looks like we’ll be able to control the entire interface. I’m eager to see what software developers make of this. Also, I’m going to have to now reshoot a bunch of the Photos Field Guide. The mouse/trackpad implementation will be great for screencasters.

  • Improved cameras are always nice. I am curious how many people use their iPads for photography, though. I occasionally use mine for B-Roll when shooting video and to scan documents, but that is about it.

  • The LiDAR camera will most likely also come to the next iPhone. Apple keeps pushing forward on augmented reality, and we all continue to yawn collectively. I wonder when they are going to release the AR glasses. That has to be in the cards.