Upgrade Your Coffee Ritual with the Kinu M47 Series Hand Grinders (Sponsor)

If you are one of those people who can’t get through the day without coffee, you might understand the importance of having great coffee.

Each cup of coffee should be supreme and you should enjoy each sip you take during the day. After all, believe it or not, this is part of what makes your day great. Every little detail sums up to produce an outstanding cup of coffee, but freshness is key here. So make sure that you get this part of your coffee ritual right.

To get a fully flavor-filled experience, the first thing you need is fresh ground coffee beans. And to get the richest infusion of flavor and aroma to your coffee, you should grind it just before you brew it. Of course, you need a coffee grinder to accomplish this because coffee beans are super hard!

Gear.Coffee makes it easy for you to choose because they’ve selected the top three high-quality manual coffee grinders by Kinu Grinders. The German-engineered Kinu M47 Phoenix and Simplicity hand grinders feature the best in consistency and reliability no matter how you prepare your coffee: Aeropress, Pour-over, Espresso,  Moka Pot, Drip, etc.

Choose the one that suits you better. There’s no wrong choice with these grinders!