Get More Productive with Tomato 2 (Sponsor) 

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The reason the Pomodoro Technique is so popular is because it takes almost no effort to implement and immediately delivers real productivity. If you’re going to use the Pomodoro Technique on your Mac, I recommend Tomato 2, this week’s sponsor. Just like the Pomodoro Technique itself, Tomato 2 is easy to use and delivers immediate results.

What I like about Tomato 2 is the way it remains simple but adds flexibility. Pomodoro Technique purists insist you need to work in 25-minute bursts, but I prefer 45-minute bursts. Tomato 2 can do that. Tomato 2 also gives you feedback about how many Pomodoro sessions you finished charted out over your week.

Need a little help resisting distractions? Tomato 2 can also block those websites that get in the way of your productivity. I’ve tried several Pomodoro apps over the years, and Tomato 2 is the best I’ve ever used. Check it out.

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