Logitech’s New Mac-focused Products

Logitech just released versions of their MX Master mouse and keyboard aimed directly at the Mac. 9to5 Mac did a generally positive review of the whole set.

My Logitech Journey

I have always been hesitant to use the Logitech gear because I had a bad experience with their driver software years ago. Nevertheless, about six months ago I bought a Logitech Craft keyboard and MX Master mouse. Now I’m in love. I am going to make a video on how I use them, but for now I will say that all of the extra buttons are getting used. For instance, when I push down on the Craft Keyboard’s volume dial and twist right or left, I switch desktops.

Best of all are the multiple Bluetooth radios. On the keyboard, band 1 goes to my Mac, band 2 goes to my iPad, and band 3 goes to my iPhone. I use this keyboard to type on the iMac and iPad multiple times every day. (See my desk setup below.) Likewise, the mouse also has separate Bluetooth bands, and now that the iPad has mouse support, I’m good there too.

My concerns about the Logitech software were without merit. While its interface does not feel particularly Mac-like, it runs fine and has not caused any problems. I am going to make a video to explain more, but since Logitech is now embracing the Mac, I thought I would weigh in with a thumbs up.