SaneBox for Email Disruption in Any Email Client (Sponsor)

There is a lot of talk lately about email disruption and tools to let you deal with email on your terms. I have to smile when I see this because I took control of email years ago when I signed up for SaneBox, this week’s sponsor. I use SaneBox every day to manage my email. SaneBox acts as your email assistant, sorting your inbox for you, so you only see the most important emails with less important emails relegated to other mailboxes for later.

I’m not the only one who relies on SaneBox. It is also used by companies like eBay, Coca-Cola, adidas, and LinkedIn to help their employees stay on top of the most important email.

SaneBox has many additional features, like the ability to track and notify you if people don’t respond to your email and defer incoming email until later. It serves as a set of power tools to make every aspect of using email easier, and it works with just about any email platform including iCloud, IMAP, Google, and Exchange. No matter what system, platform, or app you use for email, SaneBox can help. It is like a feature upgrade to every email application. If you would like to become the boss of your email, sign up for a free SaneBox trial today and use the links in this post to get a significant discount when you sign up.