Waking Up and Sleeping

I was recently reading Benjamin Hardy’s article about waking up early. He makes many good points, but I can’t help think he is missing a huge caveat. While waking up early can help you, not getting enough sleep will wreck you.

Not getting enough sleep messes with your body in so many ways. Memory issues, trouble concentrating, mood changes, weight gain, and balance issues are just the start of the list. Not getting enough sleep also lowers your libido. We’re talking less sex, people! Seriously, a doctor friend once explained it to me simply: “Not getting enough sleep is like operating the human body while intoxicated.”

I’m all for playing with your schedule. If you need to get up at 3:00 a.m. to be the best you, then absolutely do it. But if you think you can do that without getting enough sleep, you’re kidding yourself.