BetterTouchTool to Make Your Mac Smarter (Sponsor)

This week MacSparky is sponsored by one of my favorite Mac utilities, BetterTouchTool. Your Mac has a lot of input devices: trackpads, mice, Touch Bars, and more. BetterTouchTool makes all of them better. Anyone can set it up and become more productive in just minutes.

Lately, I’ve been investigating Obsidian, an interesting new Mac app. I like the app, but it is based on Electron, which makes some of the user interface wonky. So I spent 10 minutes using BetterTouchTool to map several of its more tedious UI elements to Touch Bar buttons on my MacBook. Now I can open the template window and switch between light and dark mode without preference spelunking.

Better Touch Tool Rules.png

BetterTouchTool doesn’t just improve the Touch Bar, but also works with your trackpad, mouse, and any other input device you’re using. No matter what app you use, a little more control can help out and that’s what BetterTouchTool gives you. You can get BetterTouchTool directly from the developer or as part of your Setapp subscription. Check out BetterTouchTool. It will make your life easier.