Easy Data Recovery with Mac Data Recovery Wizard from EaseUS (Sponsor)

This week’s MacSparky sponsor is EaseUS’s Mac Data Recovery Wizard. As Apple further locks down the security on the Mac (as it should), dealing with data recovery these days is harder than it has ever been before. This week’s sponsor, Mac Data Recovery Wizard, is the tool to help you out of a jam. The developer, EaseUS has been in the business making data recovery tools for over 15 years. 

Mac Data Recovery is easy to use with its simple interface and recovery route. It even supports Macs with the T2 security chip, which is increasingly becoming all of the Macs. With positive reviews from publications like CNET and TechRadar, Mac Data Recovery has the pedigree to help you out of a jam. They also have an interesting business model. The app is free for recovery of up to 2GB and there is a pro license for unlimited recovery on a single Mac. If you want to use it recover data on multiple Macs there is a “Technician” license. Either way, you can get half off with his link. Check out Mac Data Recovery Wizard.