The Hustle Is Dead to Me

For the longest time, I proudly considered myself part of “the hustle”. I always kept many oars in the water, and they were all paddling, seemingly at once. Time for reflection or rest was for wimps.

I grew up with that work ethic, and I never questioned it. Over the last several years, I have thought a lot more about how I spend my time and what are truly my priorities. As a result, I find myself spending a lot more time on the things most important to me and a lot less time on everything else. I am no longer a rowboat. I am a speed boat with comfy chairs.

It’s only recently, with this new insight, that I have come back to this idea of “the hustle.” With a little wisdom and understanding, I now realize that “the hustle” is dumb.

The rules, as taught to me, were wrong. It is not he-who-works-most wins. It is he-who-focuses-on-what-is-most-important who wins.