Track Your Time with Timing (Sponsor)

This week MacSparky is sponsored by Timing. Timing is an automatic time- tracking app. It lets you see where your time spent without having to lift a finger.

So why should you track your time? One reason may be for your job. Maybe you charge clients by your time or need to report to your boss where you spend your time. But there are a lot more reasons to track your time. Tracking your time gives you a realistic picture of where you are spending (and wasting) your time. With good time-tracking data, you can make better decisions about where to make commitments, where to delegate, and realistically see how you’re doing.

Timing scratches all of these itches. With Timing, you instantly see how you are spending your time. It helps you work more productively and make smarter decisions about how to spend your time in the future.

We all know that tracking your time is key to being productive, but it’s hard to track your time if you’re doing a bunch of different things at once or don’t have the right tools.

The Timing app makes recording and reviewing your time easy with automatic tracking and a simple interface for adding details about what you did each day, so you can see how much time was spent on each task. Timing also now has a useful teams feature, letting you share project and time entries in a privacy-friendly fashion. This gives you valuable team data without being creepy.

I run Timing on my Mac every day, and you should too. I even made some screencasts on how I use Timing. Download the free 14-day trial today and get 10% off for the first year!

Timing Dashboard.png