HoudahSpot 6.1

HoudaSpot, the Finder-replacement search tool that spelunks your drive for you, just got a nice update. With version 6.1, there changes are both big and small, like hiding the Tag cloud when not in use or improving the legibility of texts like source code and tabulated data by using a fixed-width font.

The update improves the performance of Apple Mail message searches. It can search message keywords and project names. And with this update, it can now find Apple Mail messages tagged by SmallCubed’s MailTags plug-in.

The Quick Look preview pane in HoudahSpot now lets users select text. It is thus possible to copy-paste from search results without the need to open the found files. This latest version also brings enhanced Quick Look previews for files hosted by DEVONthink (and you know what I think about DEVONthink).

For a power user, the $34 price tag for a single-user license is well worth it. If you have a previous versions, you can upgrade for only $19.