Manage Your Business with Daylite (Sponsor)


This week MacSparky is sponsored by Daylite. For small companies, staying on top of clients, leads, and projects can feel chaotic. Daylite helps you streamline your workflow so you can win more business and get more done.

Daylite is a CRM that helps businesses manage more clients, close more deals, and finish more projects. Daylight integrates with Apple Mail, and you can share it with your team to keep everyone in the loop. It also is fully compatible with Big Sur and M1-powered Macs.

Because Daylite is a native app, it can work seamlessly with many of Apple’s built-in features. You can share contacts between Apple Contacts and your Daylite database. You can use features like Siri and Caller ID on your iPhone. Daylite also includes full support for FaceID and TouchID. One of my favorite integration tricks with Daylite is the ability to create contracts and other documents by pulling data from Daylite into Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

I’ve heard from readers in real estate, sales, design, and the legal industry, all using Daylite to run their business. No matter what your business is, Daylite can help you track leads, stay on top of clients, and deliver projects on time.

If you sign up for an account, the complimentary onboarding support will help you get started. Want to harness all the power of your Apple hardware for your business? Start your free 30-day Daylite trial today!