Email Gets a Lot Easier with SaneBox

I like having one less thing to deal with. SaneBox, MacSparky’s sponsor this week, helps me tremendously with this. People aren’t going to send you less emails, but with SaneBox, you can see your more important emails while the less important ones are moved out of your inbox. SaneBox’s AI and machine learning will filter into a separate folder and then summarize them in a digest so you don’t get overwhelmed but the number of emails and can focus on the things that really need your attention.

Imagine, instead of checking and managing work-related emails, and having to recover your productivity from an email interruption, or not having to ask yourself, “What was I doing?”, you could just get stuff done. With our SaneBox robot friends, you can:

  • Wake up every day to find the SaneBox robots have automatically sorted your incoming email for you so you can address the important and ignore the irrelevant. 

  • Defer email for hours, days, or weeks, so it is out of your life until a more appropriate time. They’ve even added a new feature that can optionally auto-reply to snoozed email with something like, “I’m sorry, but I’m underwater right now. I’ll get back to you in a few days.” SaneBox can even auto-reply when you defer an email.

  • Set secret reminders so if someone doesn’t reply to an important email, SaneBox gives you a nudge to follow up.

  • Automatically save attachments to the cloud (like Dropbox).

  • Use their SaneForward service to automatically send appropriate emails to services like Evernote, Expensify, and Kayak.

  • Move unwanted email to the SaneBlackHole and never see anything from that person again.

I love SaneBox and other MacSparky readers have let me know that they do too. Get your time back and try SaneBox today.