Unifying Home Automation with CHIP

I wrote a few days ago about Logitech canceling the Harmony remote. The problem continues to be all the differing protocols for home automation. One solution may be the Connected Home over IP (CHIP) protocol, engineered jointly by Apple, Amazon, and Google. We’re now getting word that some of these CHIP products may ship later this year.

In theory, a single protocol between all of the hardware manufacturers would open the gates wide for interesting home automation hardware, like a re-imagined Harmony remote. However, for the hardware to take off, first the protocol needs to take off. I sure hope it does. Imagine a world where buying home-automation products is just a matter of picking the best hardware solution and not worrying about whether or not it can handshake with your existing stuff.

The best thing we have going for us as consumers is that none of the existing Apple, Amazon, or Google proprietary protocols came out of this first round as a clear winner. Put me on team CHIP.