Give Yourself an Edge with Hoban Cards (Sponsor)

Things are getting better. You’re going to start seeing people. What are you doing about your calling cards? There are many lousy calling cards and just a few good ones. Do you remember the last time someone gave you a classy calling card, and you couldn’t help but think just a little bit more of them. That’s why you need to give this some thought.

Your calling card represents you. Why not bring some intentionality to your game? This week, MacSparky is sponsored by Hoban Cards, where they use a 1902 letterpress machine to make cards that your colleagues, clients, and customers will never forget. I sure love mine.

Evan and the gang at Hoban Cards are masters at the craft of designing and making letterpress calling cards. They have some beautiful templates to choose from, or you can roll your own.

I love handing out letterpress cards. It is always a conversation starter. Hoban Cards is where I go to buy them, and it is where you should too. Throw out those ugly, conventional, mass-produced, soulless business cards and reach out to Hoban Cards. Best of all, use ‘MacSparky’ to get $10 off any order. Get yours today.