Daylite: A Mac-to-Mac CRM Solution (Sponsor)

If you’re a smallish business (up to 100 people), operating in a macOS or iOS environment, there’s a less-clunky, native Mac option that will certainly “check” all the usual CRM boxes while providing those uniquely intuitive and stress-relieving features that have become the exclusive domain of the Apple community. 

It’s Daylite.

From identifying that first seed of a lead to landing the business and the repeat business, Daylite stays with you and your team for the entire customer lifecycle. And all the resources are at your fingertips, online or offline on a Mac, iPhone or iPad.

In a Mac-inspired way, Daylite expands the definition of CRM and boosts your team’s productivity while reducing the steps and time spent searching, merging and typing. As a bonus, you can integrate Apple calendars, Apple Mail and Reminders, Siri and more. Online or offline, on any Mac device, to and from any Mac user, Daylite is the Mac-minded way of keeping your business, your team and yourself moving forward — fast-forward. Check it out here.