Documents X from Readdle

One of my common complaints on iPad is the inadequacies of file management. Readdle’s Documents is a mobile file manager app that lets you do things like download videos, read ePUBs, open ZIP files, watch movies, and edit PDFs.  And now, with an update and redesign, Documents X is out with some major improvements. 

They built Smart Actions, which is like smart contextual shortcuts. You do a thing like upload a file or scan a document, and then Documents will suggest the best next action to take. For instance, it’ll suggest sharing the uploaded file or offer to download the scanned document. All the suggestions are contextual and natively integrated into the interface so you can speed up your workflow. 

The update now gives us faster access to cloud storage. With a dedicated “Connections” tab, you can find all your cloud services with just one tap. Now all your clouds are in “My Files.”   

With the updates to Documents, Documents X brings some real file management power tools to iPad and iPhone. Wouldn’t it be odd if the best file manager for an Apple platform wasn’t made by Apple?