Add TextExpander toYour Team (Sponsor)

My thanks to this week’s sponsor, TextExpander. TextExpander allows me and my team to work faster and smarter. I’ve got a team of people I work with and one of those people is an assistant. By using TextExpander, we can use shared snippets to keep us on message. I can manage and share snippets so she can easily and accurately answer some of the more common questions with just a few keystrokes. And I can style our snippet text and add images and links, which she can then easily personalize and edit when and how she needs to.

TextExpander gives us the ability to streamline and speed up what we type, which makes it easier for a productive Team MacSparky to to get our work done. Redeem an offer from TextExpander for 20% off and try for yourself how you and your team can say more with less work.