Fix Your Email. Use SaneBox (Sponsor)

SaneBox is this week’s MacSparky sponsor. There’s a lot of email going around, and SaneBox and its A.I. helps me keep focused on actionable emails and takes the work of filtering what does not need to be read right now.

One of the ways SaneBox does this is with the @SaneCC. It’s a filtering folder. What goes in there? It’s the emails I’m CC’ed on. It just makes sense to me. When I’m not on the “To:” line, that means the email isn’t necessarily an actionable item, more like I’m included on the information, a sort of FYI. So do I have to read it RIGHT NOW? No, and that’s the beauty of SaneBox. Once I’ve trained @SaneCC, I can go to this folder and read these emails later when I have the time to read them.

But SaneBox doesn’t just work for me, it works with me. If there’s an email from someone who is Inbox-worthy, I can train SaneBox to put the email from them into my Inbox, even though I’m CC’ed because I can control @SaneCC from my Trainings list. Once a sender is trained, SaneBox knows to let this sender gets to pass through the velvet rope into my Inbox.

If you’re curious how to get SaneBox identify your important messages, hide distractions, banish annoying senders, remind you to follow up and more, now is the time to try it out. You can sign up for a free trial and get a $10 credit you can use towards a SaneBox subscription.