Keyboard Maestro 10 Releases

Hooray! There’s a big update to Keyboard Maestro today. The new version 10 includes a pile of new features. Banner features include the ability to add data to menu bar icons, create “Favorite” actions, and subroutines. (That’s right, you can now program subroutines in Keyboard Maestro.) Below are some of my favorite new additions:

  • Added configurable Favorite Actions.

  • Added Select Macro by Name, as well as This Macro and This Macro Group options to the macro selector pop-up.

  • Added search field to macro selector pop-up.

  • Added search field to Insert All Actions, All Functions, All Tokens, and Variables menus.

  • Added Copy as Set Macro Group Enable and Toggle Macro Group actions to contextual menu for Macro Group column.

  • Support double-clicking dividers in the editor window to set the ideal size.

  • Added Edit ➤ Insert ICU Date Field menu to insert the various ICU Date components.

  • Added OCR Screen and Paste by Name to the Macro Library.

  • Added support for manipulating Keyboard Maestro Engine windows.

  • Added option to include Macro Groups in the status menu bar.

  • Added Return action to return a value from subroutine macros.

  • Several new triggers, including unlock, appearance changed, online and power status triggers.

  • Added “long press” option for Hot Key and USB Device.

  • Added support for selecting multiple files or folders in the Prompt For File action.

My congratulations go to Peter for shipping this update. I am kicking the tires on the new features now, and I will be doing a free update to the Keyboard Maestro Field Guide after the new year covering the new features.