A Few Notes on the iOS 15.2 Release

Apple released a new update to iOS that’s got some noteworthy features. Here are a few points of note:

Legacy Contact

This is my favorite new feature. You can now set a person as your legacy contact. That gives them a secret access key so that they can (upon proof of your death) access your data. I made a video explaining how to do this. I know it’s morbid, but you should do it today.

Hide My Email

You can now create one-time email addresses in the Apple Mail app. You can only use this feature when sending to a single recipient since the random email is tied to that person.

Macro Mode Manual Control

There is now a setting to let you disable macro mode if you don’t want it to automatically kick in. It’s located at Settings > Camera > Macro Control.

Music Upgrades

You can now search for a specific song from within a playlist. Amen. They also launched the Apple Music Voice Plan, for which I am pretty skeptical.

iPad Gesture Update

You can now set separate actions for a swipe from lower-right and lower-left corners. I’ve got Quick Notes in the lower right and Screenshot in the lower left. Just go to Settings > General > Gestures.

iPhone Parts and Service History

You can now see the service and part history for your device under Settings > General > About.

App Privacy Report

The App Privacy Report (located at Settings > Privacy > App Privacy Report) got a serious upgrade. You can now see exactly what your apps are up to and when. This will make sussing out offending apps very easy. I want this now for the Mac.