January in the MacSparky Labs

The first month of the MacSparky Labs went swimmingly. I spent a lot of time working on the back end of things as I added features and figured out friction points. But I still got a lot shipped to the members. Here’s a list of content that got released in January.

  • January 27 – I released a video sharing the tech gear I bring with me on trips with the Backstage and Early Access members..
  • January 26 – I did a zoom call with Early Access members sharing how I’m using calendars these days. (It’s kind of nuts.)
  • January 25 – I released a screencast demonstrating how to capture ideas on the iPhone with shortcuts.
  • January 22 – I released the journaling webinar video to early access members …well … early.
  • January 21 – I released a walkthrough of me building a shortcut from scratch to manage scheduling new podcast episodes to the Backstage and Early Access members using Shortcuts, Obsidian, Mail, and Calendar for Backstage and Early Access members..
  • January 19 – I made of a video of myself building the slide deck for the Journaling webinar and narrated it with some of my favorite Keynote techniques for the Early Access subscribers.
  • January 18 – I made and released a screencast about how to capture ideas on the Mac using Keyboard Maestro and Obsidian.
  • January 17 – I released my video interview with Kourosh Dini to Backstage and Early Access members where we talked about DEVONthink, Obsidian, top-level task management, and music.
  • January 14 – We had the first MacSparky labs virtual meetup on Zoom for Backstage and Early Access members.
  • January 12 – I released of video of me setting up and testing vibration and leak sensors in my home. I also shared an unsuccessful experiment to rig up my mailbox with a vibration sensor. (I haven’t given up on that one yet.
  • January 10 – I shared a video update and an example of how I block schedule.
  • January 7 – I did my quarterly planning with a Zoom room full of Early Access subscribers.
  • January 5 – I made a video answering some of the most often asked qustions following my big announcemnt.
  • January 3 – I released my first video to the MacSparky Labs members