My Free Journaling Webinar This Friday

One of the things that has been most helpful to me throughout this transition is my journal. Stopping to collect your thoughts and writing them down during times of significant change can help. First, it’s a way to record what you are going through. I can look back on those entries in years (or decades) and get a window into that prior version of me. More importantly, journaling helps me clarify my thoughts and ideas about what I am feeling and thinking in the moment. I learn a lot about myself in the process of journaling. The last few weeks have only reinforced that for me.

Also, when it comes to journaling, I’ve experimented with everything from fancy pens and paper, to custom scripts and software. I’ve made all the mistakes, and I have the scars to show for it. This Friday, I want to share a little bit of that wisdom in a free webinar all about journaling. I’ll share my thoughts on the process and some of my favorite workflows. Whether you want to go analog or digital, I’ll have some ideas for you. I would love for you to join in.​

Sparky’s Journaling Webinar

Date: January 21, 2022

Time: 10:00 Pacific

Here’s the Sign-up Link​

If you can’t make it, no problem. There will be a video replay link available for a short time after the webinar for anyone that signs up. See you there.