Time is Nearly Up for WinterFest 2021 Software Discounts (Sponsor)

The New Year is here, and my favorite software sale is nearly over. WinterFest is the annual sale from a collection of the best indie-Mac software developers. Everything is 25% off and there are some remarkable apps you can get, but not for much longer.

Just some of the software on sale at WinterFest that I dig:

Scrivener – The killer novel-writing tool.

Tinderbox – The idea organizer and planner.

BBEdit – THE power tool for text.

Hook Pro – The link-everything tool I use for contextual computing.

Marked – Brett Terpstra’s Markdown (and more) toolset.

Nisus Writer Pro – The word processor made exclusively for the Mac.

DEVONthink – Do you really need me to explain DEVONthink?

Scapple – An idea capture and process tool from the maker of Scrivener.

There are a bunch more. Just go to the WinterFest website and see what tickles your fancy.

This year, I bought HyperPlan from WinterFest. It’s an interesting visual planning tool that lets me use a graphic model to connect ideas. This is just the kind of thing I can get excited about.

All of the software in WinterFest comes from long-time, respected Mac software developers that are all about making great software. Even though everything is discounted you’ll get full versions with complete support and upgrade privileges. Go check it out before the sale ends.