SaneBox (Sponsor)

Sometimes we subscribe to a newsletter or other mailing list because we want to keep up with what’s going on, or know when the next sale is, or if they’re offering a good discount code. We signed up because we don’t want to miss out. These emails can be very informational and fun, but not something I need to deal with during an average workday. These distractions not only clutter up your inbox, but they take from your focus and time. This is where this week’s MacSparky sponsor SaneBox comes in.

SaneNews is a great feature of SaneBox. You can train newsletters or other mailing lists you’ve subscribed to to go there. SaneBox doesn’t delete these emails. It takes these lower priority emails you don’t have deal with right now, and automatically puts them in the SaneNews folder (once you’ve trained it) so that they’re there for you to look at when you do have the time to check out the news articles or latest promotions. 

SaneBox will help you by having the most important emails brought to your attention. Minimize distractions, keep focus, and save time with SaneBox. You can try it out for yourself. SaneBox is offering a free trial, and a $10 credit you can use towards a SaneBox subscription.